Hello Stranger!

Thank you for visiting WatchCubesBurn, a site dedicated to The Fungible Project by Pak.

As you can see, the site is still under construction by me, the sole developer of the project
and I'm pushing out new features when my time allows.
These features generally get announced over at @sec0ndstate
where I'm also happy to discuss any feature requests or feedback you may have.

While I'm absolutely not doing this for profit but rather I just enjoy providing something useful
to the Pak community, a few people have still suggested posting donation wallet addresses.

Ethereum Wallet: 0xB9bD3ca986Cd95225C82bb45A8ff9f58CCc78C8e
Bitcoin(Segwit) Wallet: bc1qu0kmu0tegf4kjngf69cfe256rtzyug0q5gn0uh
Litecoin(Segwit) Wallet: ltc1q8kllpzvt9hwgr8qaehy7eqhsg9ewfj502dfmds
Binance Smart Chain Wallet: 0x70d62C178bF42b0C90b9CD7757d14efA17804150
Doge Wallet: D8ma1DuRw9UgPo1C8TnEtpBj7XmR5X1MUF
Tezos Wallet: tz1YYkyPuGhRkbi7SseStwWoNjd7eWAAgpKJ
I appreciate every single donation, and I'll be sure to spend it on buying more $ASH. :)

- Thank you,